Paolo Guerrero is now one of the top five goalscorers in the tournament


Paolo Guerrero from Peru, scored three goals in the Brazil 2019 edition and scored fourteen in the CONMEBOL Copa América, where he is the top scorer in activity and joined the ‘Top Five’ in history.

The 35-year-old captain of the Peruvian team also became CONMEBOL Copa América’s top scorer for the third time, this time together with the young Brazilian striker Everton, both with three goals.

Guerrero had already been the top scorer of the Argentina-2011 and Chile-2015 editions, in that time alongside Chilean Eduardo Vargas, who with 12 goals is the second active player with more goals in the oldest national team tournament in the world.

Guerrero now shares the ‘Top Five’ of the historic ranking, behind Argentina’s Norberto ‘Tucho’ Mendez and Brazil’s Zizinho, who lead with 17 goals, and Peru’s Teodoro Fernandez and Uruguay’s Severino Varela, who have 15 both of them.

If he remains in the Peruvian national team for at least another year, the ‘Depredador’ may have the chance to become the top scorer in the history of CONMEBOL Copa América when Argentina and Colombia host a new edition of the tournament, the number 47.

Brazil’s Jair (1949) and Argentina’s Humberto Maschio and Uruguay’s Javier Ambrois (both 1957) hold the record for goals in the same edition of the tournament, with nine goals.

– This is the list of top scorers in the world’s oldest national team tournament, which began in 1916:

1. Norberto ‘Tucho’ Méndez (Argentina) 17 goles

. Zizinho (Brasil) 17

3. Teodoro Fernández (Perú) 15

. Severino Varela (Uruguay) 15

5. Paolo Guerrero (Perú) 14

6. Ademir (Brasil) 13

. Jair Rosa Pinto (Brasil) 13

. José Manuel Moreno (Argentina) 13

. Héctor Scarone (Uruguay) 13

. Gabriel Batistuta (Argentina) 13

11. Roberto Porta (Uruguay) 12

. Ángel Romano (Uruguay) 12

. Eduardo Vargas (Chile) 12

14. Víctor Ugarte (Bolivia) 11

. Herminio Masantonio (Argentina) 11

16. Javier Ambrois (Uruguay) 10

. Pedro Petrone (Uruguay) 10

. Héctor Castro (Uruguay) 10

. Oscar Gómez Sánchez (Perú) 10

. Enrique Hormazábal (Chile) 10

. Arnoldo Iguarán (Colombia) 10

. Ángel Labruna (Argentina) 10

. Ronaldo (Brasil) 10

. Didí (Brasil) 10

25. Lionel Messi (Argentina) 9

. Sergio Agüero (Argentina) 9