"It is important to take it very carefully", says Ruidiaz

"It is important to take it very carefully", says Ruidíz

July 4, 2019
CONMEBOL Copa América™
Peruvian striker Raul Ruidíz told of the joy in Peru's dressing room after qualifying for the final of CONMEBOL Copa America Brazil 2019, but that he is taking things easy to face the host at the Maracana on Sunday. "It's incredible what we're going through, some of us can't believe it. We gave each other a smile, it was something we wanted, with enthusiasm, but always with our feet on the ground", said the Seattle Sounders striker. Ricardo Gareca's team won 3-0 against Chile on Wednesday and returned to a CONMEBOL Copa America final after a 44-year. " We need to take it very calmly. It is true that we have achieved something very important after many years, the group has been aware, and confident that there is still one more step to success. We have to play with our feet on the ground and leave everything on the field to make that possible", added the striker. Raúl Ruidíz only played in the second half against Uruguay, and scored one of the penalties in the quarter-final. Peru trained this thursday July 4th in the morning in Porto Alegre before traveling to Rio de Janeiro, to begin their preparation for the final of the CONMEBOL Copa America in the Maracaná. "We all want to play, but feeling part of this squad is incredible, whether I have minutes or not, I'm 100% ready in case I get the chance", he said. "We're all very happy that the team won, I was present at the penalty shootout. I prepared myself during the week for the penalty shoot-out because I knew it was going to be my moment (...) Regardless of who plays or not, we all support each other and we all get the same joy", he said. Brazil, who have never lost a CONMEBOL Copa América at home, beat Peru in the group stage 5-0 and will be found again for the title definition. "Brazil is a very strong and difficult opponent, but since the game against Uruguay we've shown attitude, determination, humility and security (...) We have to maintain the same attitude, the same determination, and leave everything on the field", he said.

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