Brazil "beat us very well", said coach Eduardo Villegas


Brazil defeated Bolivia 3-0 on Friday in the opening game of CONMEBOL Copa América Brasil 2019, admitted the Bolivian coach Eduardo Villegas.

“We have to be honest, Brazil beat us and beat us well,” Villegas said at the post-match press conference at Sao Paulo’s Morumbí Stadium.

The coach assured that they were surpassed by the quality of the rival and that the planning of the game, which allowed them to go 0-0 at half-time, collapsed with the first goal of Phillipe Coutinho after a review of the VAR that decreed hand in the Bolivian area.

“From that penalty granted by the VAR, you can see how the balance falls (…) The team crumbles and Brazil is freed,” he said resignedly.

In a self-critical tone, Villegas also acknowledged that his team lacked attack and “depth” to hurt the hosts.

“Our entry is very poor right now, but it’s because Brazil doesn’t allow it (…) they’re almost perfect,” he added. “If you want to classify (to the quarterfinals) you have to attack, of course, a little more”, he said.

And he was optimistic that for the second matchday of Group A against Peru on 18 June in Rio de Janeiro, his team could be more imposing.

“Not all rivals will be like Brazil, not everyone knows how to do the same pressing”, he said.