The four national teams that have everything to win the Cup: Colombia



In this chapter, we will know the history of «Los Cafeteros», champions of the CONMEBOL Copa América 2001.

After 18 editions of the South American Football Tournament is possible the participation of the Colombian National Team. On this occasion, the Cup was disputed in 1945 and had as host the National stadium of Santiago, Chile. (Find here: The four teams that have everything to win in the Cup: Bolivia Chapter).

A tough debut against Brazil 3-0 and 7-0 against Uruguay, Colombia could not lift their head when it fell again, this time against Chile in a 2-0 and was beaten 9-1 by Argentina. The Colombian team won their first victory in their penultimate match of the tournament: 3-1 to Ecuador and ended their participation with a tie of 3-3 against Bolivia.

After an intermittent participation in the championship, between 1946 and 1967, time during was only played 4 of 11 tournaments, the cafetero team returned to the competition in 1975 to stay with the runner-up after falling against an exceptional Peruvian team of figures like Meléndez, Chumpitaz, Cueto, Velázquez, Teófilo Cubillas, Oblitas, among others, in the third and last game for the title.

Colombia put the tournament scorer Ernesto Diaz, who made four goals, and the appearance of the great figure in the portico as Pedro Antonio Zape, who in the first 6 games of the tournament only received 2 goals, and in the final match he cut a penalty to Teófilo Cubillas.

Between the editions of 1979 and 1999, Colombia had a difficult participation in the CONMEBOL Copa América. Three times he was third, once the fourth, and a couple more times he fell in the quarterfinals. The tricolor team was eliminated three times in the first phase in this period of time.

The joy of the champion

It would not be until 2001, 56 years after its debut in the tournament, that the National Team of Colombia achieved to reach the top of South American football, reaching the title of champion in Bogotá, the first and unique in its history.

Colombia not only host the first tournament of the millennium, but won it by imposing a mark that only have three teams: along with the cafeteros, Argentina (1921) and Uruguay (1917 and 1987) managed to get the title of the tournament playing in their countries, winning every game and receiving no goals. In addition, Víctor Hugo Aristizábal was the scorer of the tournament with 6 goals and Óscar Córdoba was chosen as the best goalkeeper. (Read here: The 10 records to overcome in the CONMEBOL Copa America Brazil 2019).

There is no doubt that the fact that divided in two the history of Colombian football, with Francisco Maturana as coach, with great figures on the playground as Oscar Cordoba, captain Iván Ramiro Córdoba, author of the title goal against Mexico, Giovanni Hernandez and the same Victor Hugo Aristizábal, just to mention some. In El Campín de Bogotá, a title was sealed that began to take place in Barranquilla and later passed through Armenia and Manizales, before that July 29, the National Selection gave the title as a tribute to a people who proved to be enthusiastic and passionate for the football and its selection.

18 years have passed since that victory, and this year, Colombia, with a generation of great figures, that in the last decade has achieved important results for its Selection, has in the CONMEBOL Copa America Brazil 2019 the scenario to repeat the one that is until now the most important title in the history of Colombian football.

Do not miss this saga that in its next delivery will show the history of the Ecuador Team, which in Brazil seeks its first title in the CONMEBOL Copa América.

Facts of the CONMEBOL Copa América Colombia 2001

• The Ecuadorian Alex Aguinaga disputed its seventh CONMEBOL Copa America reaching the mark of 22 matches played.
• Mexico took an undefeated 20 matches in the tournament to Brazil, after beating them 1-0. The Brazilian team also had 12 consecutive victories.
• Colombian goalkeeper Óscar Córdoba had 31 dream days. Before lifting the Copa América trophy, he had won the CONMEBOL Libertadores title with Boca Juniors.
• Twelve selections were played to play 26 matches. They scored 60 goals.
• CONMEBOL Copa América Colombia 2001 was based in the cities of Barranquilla, Cali, Medellin, Manizales, Armenia, Pereira and Bogota.