"There is a positive atmosphere" to face Venezuela, said coach Scaloni


Argentina’s coach, Lionel Scaloni, said on Thursday that “there is a positive atmosphere” to face Venezuela on Friday for the quarterfinals of the CONMEBOL Copa America Brazil 2019.

Their victory against Qatar, gave them pass to the next stage, “We feel more confident, we believe that we can continue in the tournament and move forward, there is a positive atmosphere around us” said the coach at the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro , the legendary stadium that will host the match at 16:00 hr. local time .

Scaloni highlighted the progress that Venezuela has made in recent years, “they are a team that always makes things difficult even for Brazil “, which they tied in the group stages.

Of the last three matches the Argentinians have played against “the Vinotinto”, two of them, both for qualifiers for the Russian World Cup in 2018 – ended with a draw and the last one, an exhibition match in March in Madrid, Argentina was defeat by 3-1.

However, the young coach explained, that the match in Madrid has nothing to do with the one next Friday.

“It’s another game, that one back in Madrid we played it with three centers back, and another formation, not only with players, but with different positions on the pitch as well,” he explained.

– “Manage to control to game” –

Scaloni did not want to give details of the formation he is thinking for the match -whose winner will face either Brazil or Paraguay in the semifinals-, according to what he said to “playing it hard” with the rival coach, Rafael Dudamel.

“They are different players, based on what we need we will decide,” he added.

He only said that it is better for Argentina to try to “control the game” and that Venezuela would it be better if this game is an attacking one”, taking advantage of their young and fast players in the counterattacks. “Their football (on Venezuela) is not that easy, although you think you have it dominated, in a few seconds they come out with a quick play,” he explained.