The most important quotes from Brazil manager Dorival Júnior’s latest press conference

The coach commented on the national team's expectations ahead of CONMEBOL Copa América 2024™

May 10, 2024
  • The Selecao will face Mexico and the United States in friendlies ahead of the CONMEBOL Copa America™.
  • The coach pointed out that the squad is not definitive: "I ask that all the players are ready".

Brazil’s head coach Dorival Júnior announced on Friday a list of Brazil's squad for the upcoming friendlies, with potential candidates for CONMEBOL Copa América 2024™ in the United States, in June.

The nine-time champions will make their tournament debut against Costa Rica on June 24 at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California (click here for tickets). Before that, the Canarinha will play friendlies against Mexico (June 8) and the United States (June 12), also on North American soil.


The most important quotes from the Brazilian boss


Brazil needs protagonists, and not just one protagonist. I think that the division of responsibilities is going to make our team grow, help it take shape, and it is important that we have players of this level, playing together. We have to make sure that, within our group, everyone's responsibilities arise, that everyone is integrated and gives their best.”


“Everyone is called by the moment in which they are living. I can't think beyond Copa America, we have to be totally focused on the goal that we are all very clear about, we think about a competition in stages. Trying to be the best team possible in the first phase, that's the first goal. It's a big challenge, we'll have time to work and train. It's all a matter of time, of patience, so that we can always achieve the best.”


“What we have to take into account is to assess the moment and, within it, the training we are looking for in this competition. I hope we have a great tournament, because of the ability and quality of the players who will be here. Let's hope and see if this progress will continue to happen, so that we can improve even more than when we started, since it will be essential for us to win such an important competition.”


“The competition will allow everyone to be together for a long time, so this team will be able to acquire everything we expect from them to win. I hope that answer is on the pitch. It's a typical competition that's very close to a World Cup because of the time we're going to be together, and that, I hope, we'll take until the last game. That's confidence, that's what we believe in, we respect all our rivals but always believing in the potential and ability of the Brazilian athlete.”

Brasil 2024

“It would be utopian to say that there is no concern for results. We are committed to thinking about the future, but we will be in a competition that is important for any team in South American football. A competition that will give us a little clearer idea of the moment we are living. We are going to face our rivals from the continent, who today are highly qualified and in a process of growth, each in their own way, but its a tournament that no longer represents what it was years ago, when three or four teams had supremacy over the others."


"We have a very complicated, difficult and hard-fought championship. For me, it's more than a preparation for what we might face in the future. We are going to do everything we can to be in the last game of this competition which, for us, is undoubtedly very important.


“All the players who wear this shirt have an obligation to try to give the best of themselves in terms of commitment. That's the spirit we want. For me it was a pleasure, after returning from the last friendlies, to see the satisfaction in the faces of the Brazilian fans, the pleasure of living the life of the Brazilian national team again. This is the response we want, for everyone to participate in this recovery process, which is going to be very important. They are a five-time world championship team. We have a great responsibility here in front of more than 200 million people who will surely stop to watch their team on the pitch. We have to do everything we can to give dignity to our fans."


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