Qatar's coach celebrates what he calls a "deserved" tie against Paraguay


Qatar’s coach, the Spaniard Felix Sanchez, celebrated this Sunday after the “deserved ” 2-2 tie achieved this Sunday against all odds against Paraguay in the Copa America-2019.

“It’s a fair result, we deserved the point”, said the coach at a press conference after the match at the Maracaná stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

The coach of the Asian champion and future host of the 2022 World Cup, invited along with Japan in this edition of the continental tournament, appreciated the effort of his players, who tied in the second half when everything seemed lost.

Despite the two goals scored, “the team has shown that the faith remains” and “has had the attitude of wishing to win the game, which is very positive for us.

Sánchez lamented the valuable goalscoring opportunities lost by his team, especially in the first half, and the nerves with which they jumped to the field.

“Both the first and the second have not gone well, is a factor that we must improve for the next games”, he said.

The coach also stressed the physical condition shown by his players, far superior to the Guaraníes.

“Willingness helps a lot to be until the end of the game when you have a team like Paraguay in front of you”

Qatar, second in Group B tied to one point with Paraguay, now faces the leader Colombia and Argentina. Sunday’s ties adds excitement to the group.