In the stadium, at home or even in the airport, the Cup makes you vibrate


Travelers at the Guarulhos terminal enjoyed the match between Colombia vs. Chile while they waited for their flight to depart.

At the International Airport, in Sao Paulo, the perfect scenario for a group of travelers in the gate number 11 was settled to enjoy the details of the match between the Chilean and Colombian National Teams in one match of the quarterfinals of the CONMEBOL Copa América Brasil 2019.

Four screens and four chairs were provided in the mentioned gate of the airport, a mat pretending to be the grass of the Corinthians Arena, where at a distance of a few kilometers the duel between Cafeteros and Australes was played.

As soon as the match started, more people began to arrive on the stage. Some sat on the floor of the “field”, others stood, and other in the distance watched the game.

While watching the game, one of them got a call. “I’m waiting to board, while watching the match of Colombia and Chile. They’re hitting each other” the local fan told to his interlocutor.

As the game continued, the call for people to board the 8:40 p.m. flight was heard through the speakers. A couple of spectators got up, leaving the seat to two others who quickly took it.

James, Cuadrado, and Falcao were still fighting against Vidal, Medel, and Sanchez as the 9:20 flight made its call. A huge line formed behind the TV screens, while they didn’t seem to care.

At the minute 45, the referee decrees the additional minutes of play in the first half… “Last call, for the passengers of flight 9206 to Salvador”. An expectant passenger, who wanted to see the end of the first half, got up hurriedly, almost missing his flight.

He left with his suitcase and hanging from his cell phone. He waits for sure to know the last details of the first 45 minutes of the game, because ahead he had a flight of more than 2 hours to his destination. He didn’t know the result until the plane landed.

Undoubtedly, the CONMEBOL Copa América Brazil 2019 makes you rock, in the stadiums, in the house and even in the airports.