CONMEBOL Copa América Brasil 2019 promotes sustainability and social responsibility


Within the context of CONMEBOL Copa América Brazil 2019, different social actions are carried out and measures are established to reduce the environmental impact of the games in the five host cities. The initial strategy was carried out in the last week with the first workshop on Generation Z and the Labor Market, in the Mineirão Stadium (Belo Horizonte), on the 29th. On the 31st, it was the turn of the young people of Porto Alegre to participate directly in Arena del Gremio. On Monday, March 3, it was Salvador’s turn. On Wednesday, May 05, young people from São Paulo participate in the workshop at the Corinthians Arena and on July 07, the last one at Maracanã. In total, more than 300 young people from 15 to 18 years old from CBF Social partner institutions will be impacted.

During the workshops, young people receive detailed information on sustainable recognition, promoting and encouraging sustainable good practices of the general citizen, who, through their voluntary actions, change and contribute to the community in which they live.

An example of this is Mr. Hélio da Silva, of São Paulo, who lived in a deteriorated region of the city and planted, alone, until 2018, 24.000 trees over an area of three kilometers. The trees were planted along a stream where debris and garbage were previously dumped.

With this action, the region became the first linear park in the city of São Paulo and a model for other parks.

Commitment, collaboration, competence, enthusiasm and professionalism are the values of CONMEBOL Copa América Brazil 2019; through the actions developed, we seek to strengthen these principles in society.

Waste handing

The handling of the waste produced during the event is also one of the flags of the tournament. In the stadiums of Fuente Nova, in Salvador, del Mineirão, in Belo Horizonte, the Local Organizing Committee counts on the support of local collectors’ cooperatives that will be in the stadiums to make the classification of the waste and the correct destination. In the other stadiums there will be no sorting, but all recyclable waste generated will be destined to collectors’ cooperatives and/or recycling companies.

In the same way and thinking about the environment, all stadiums will have mitigation kits, which have adequate items for possible diesel spill that may occur in the supply of power generators.

“Ten days from the opening, our expectation only increases. These are very important issues for the Local Organizing Committee and especially for our country. I think that concern should be of any host city that hosts a big tournament. I would like to thank the collaboration of the local collectors’ cooperatives that will be in the Arena Fonte Nova and in the Mineirão doing that important job of sorting waste and its correct destination” said Agrado Guimarães, Director of Operations of the Local Organizing Committee of CONMEBOL Copa América Brazil 2019.

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