Brazil is the first team to get the semifinal


The National Football Team of Brazil became the first to qualify for the semifinals of the CONMEBOL Copa America Brazil 2019, after beating Paraguay by penalty shoot-out, after drawing 0-0 in the 90 minutes, at the Arena do Gremio stadium in the city of Porto Alegre.

On the one hand, Paraguay implemented a very strong game, pressing the Brazilian players and taking advantage of the speed of players like Almirón to counterattack them. Whereas Brazil, tried to manage the match with Arthur, Everton and Coutinho, and the moves of Dani Alves for the right wing.

But the match was very tight and interrupted in the first half, and the opportunities for both sides had to be very elaborate. Goalkeepers Roberto Fernandez for the “Guaraní” side and Allison Becker in Brazil, performed well and stopped great chances of scoring.

The scoring did not opened

In the 55th minute after a decision made by the VAR, referee Roberto Tobar declared a foul outside the Paraguayan area, and sent off the defender Fabian Balbuena. The score remained blank though.

The attack of the Brazilians became more intense. Players like Everton became important on the left side, and with Willian on the pitch the right side also became stronger. While Almirón and Derlis González fought alone against the Brazilian defense.

In the 90th minute, Brazil could have won the game, but Fernandez’s right-hand post did not allow Brazil’s goal, and after 7 minutes of extra time, the score remained 0 -0 taking the definition to penalty shootout.

Once in the penalty spot, Paraguay started. Allison saved Gómez’s shoot, while Willian scored his. Almiron and Marquinhos also scored. Valdez and Coutinho did not fail either. Rojas scored his as well, but Firmino missed his and tied the game. Nevertheless, Derlis González threw the ball out and Gabriel Jesus scored his penalty to give Brazil the step to the semifinals.