Uruguay, the first three-time champion - Heading to the 2024 CONMEBOL Copa America™️



  • The Uruguayan national team achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first three-time champion of the CONMEBOL Copa America™️ in the 1920 edition, hosted in the city of Viña del Mar, Chile.
  • Argentina secured the runner-up position, foreshadowing their inaugural triumph in the tournament, which they would clinch the following year on their home turf.

In 1920, Chile hosted the world’s oldest national team continental tournament, the CONMEBOL Copa America™️, for the first time. The competition took place from September 11th to October 3rd and had the Valparaiso Sporting Club Stadium in the city of Viña del Mar as its only venue.

The tournament repeated the format of previous editions and featured the participation of the same four teams: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Chile. As the host nation, Chile introduced their iconic red jersey, which is worn to this day by Chilean players.

Uruguay emerged as the maiden three-time champion of the tournament, securing victory in three of the four editions held up to that point, in 1916, 1917, and 1920. Among the ‘Charrúas’, only four players participated in all of these triumphs: Alfredo Foglino, Pascual Somma, Ángel Romano, and Antonio Urdinarán.

The victorious Uruguayan squad of the 1920 CONMEBOL Copa America™️ comprised six players from Peñarol, five from Nacional, two from Wanderers, two from Universal, and one from Reformers.

Notching three goals, Uruguayan Ángel Romano once again secured the position of the tournament’s top scorer, mirroring his achievement from 1917, during which he earned the honour with four goals. However, this time he shared the distinction with his teammate José Pérez, who matched his tally.

In total, 6 matches were played in the tournament and 21 goals were scored, yielding an average of 3.5 goals per match.

Brazil fielded a team with only one player left from the winning squad of the previous edition. Despite securing a 1-0 victory against Chile in the opening match, they suffered one of the most significant defeats in their history in the second round, succumbing 6-0 against Uruguay.