Qatar fans made of the COPA AMERICA something significant


Hundreds of Qataries fans arrived this Sunday to the Maracaná stadium in Rio de Janeiro where their national football team played its first football match in the history of the CONMEBOL Brazil Copa America 2019.

Some of the fans had arrived to Brazil more than week ago, others arrived a few days ago but everybody were happy of being able to appreciate such an amazing football scenario and additionally, being able to support their National Football team that at the beginning of the year won the title for the Asian Cup.

One example is Omar Alhammadi who arrived four days ago to Brazil with his 4 mates from Qatar. They took a flight from their country to Sao Paulo after that a 4 hour connection to Rio de Janeiro.

«We travelled 22 hours to come to Rio and see the match against Paraguay. It is my very first time that I come to South America, I always wanted to be here and The Copa America was the best excuse to visit it», said Omar.

When he was asked for his national football team, he did not doubt to analyses them. «Our team improves every day. If they can play in a top level this Copa America, I think we are ready to play in the World Cup», he added.

Outside the stadium the fans were seen with their national colors. Group of friends gathered with their shirts labeled, forming the Qatarian name. Children, growth people with small flags and wearing scarf with the Qatarian colors smiled while they went into the Maracaná Stadium.

«We are ready to come next year»

Another Qatarian fan was shouting and cheering his national team with his friends even so many time before the kickoff. «Come on Qatar», they shout while clapping.

«we are staying until Qatar gets out of the competition. If they go to the next rounds we will stay», added an exited Qatarian fan who did not told his name.

«Next year we will come back to the Copa America and after that we will hold the World Cup», He happily said

And if they were happy before the kick off while the game they did not stop cheering and shouting ¡»Come on Qatar. Come on Qatar. Come on Qatar! And even more when at the 77 minute, Boualem Khoukhi, drew the match.

At the end of the match, the Qatarian fans did not stop cheering up. Today´s match was a memorable match: The first game of Qatar in the CONMEBOL Copa America drawing with Paraguay, one of the national teams who have had won the tournament. At the end the football celebration was something significant.