5 reasons to visit Brazil and vibrate with the Copa América


The oldest competition of the Teams in the wold will make the continent vibrate with a spectacle that is not only sporting, but also cultural.

Football will not be the only protagonist in the new edition of the CONMEBOL Copa América that will be played between the coming June 14 and July 7. After the successful tournament that commemorated the Centennial of the competition and that was played in the United States in 2016, it is now the turn for Brazil to host an exciting tournament that will feature world-class figures that you will not want to miss. surrounded in addition to the sporting spectacle, of gastronomy and a cultural interchange that will attract not only the South American fans, but also Japanese and Qatari fans. Know the 5 reasons why you should go to the tournament and vibrate with your selection.

  1. Brazil is a vibrant tourist destination

As a tourist destination, Brazil offers spectacular unmissable scenarios for all those attending the CONMEBOL Copa América 2019. The tournament will be held in five host cities, each with a unique attraction that you would never forget.

São Paulo: It is called the capital of culture, gastronomy and entertainment. Do not forget to visit the restaurants of the Jardins district, the Pinheiros neighborhood or the Paulista Avenue, with museums, antiques fair, artists and more.

Belo Horizonte: Visit the Modern Architectural Complex of Pampulha, created by the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer. The work includes, among others, the Pampulha Art Museum and the São Francisco de Assis Church.

Porto Alegre: Close to Buenos Aires and Montevideo, one of the main tourist attractions of this city is to watch the sunset on the Guaíba River, visit the historic center or have lunch at a traditional Gaúcha steakhouse.

Salvador: Its main attraction is the historic Pelourinho neighborhood, which will take tourists to see the epochs of ancient Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro: Finally, Rio de Janeiro. It is the main tourist and cultural destination of Brazil, in addition to its spectacular beaches you can go to places like Sugar Loaf, and Christ the Redeemer.

  1. Live the experience of CONMEBOL Copa América

Traveling, getting to know other cultures, making new friends is a unique experience that will make you vibrate. At the CONMEBOL Copa América you will have the opportunity to meet people from all over South America, live a great cultural exchange and also meet Japanese and Qatari fans, with which you will have an open door to the exciting Asian culture.

Added to all this, it is not a secret that football is breathed in Brazil, and in Cup times, you will be able to see up close the passion with which this wonderful sport is lived in the giant of South America, see your Selection and understand what in Brazil football is not a sport, but a culture.

  1. The two best teams in Asia will be in the Cup

Japao x Catar na final da Copa da Asia

The two best teams in Asia currently completing the luxury card that has the 2019 edition of the CONMEBOL Amarica´s Cup.

Qatar and Japan will arrive with their styles of play and their credentials as the current champion and runner-up of Asia, to play the tournament in Brazil. For Qatar it will be the debut in the South American tournament, while Japan will have its second participation in CONMEBOL Copa América.

  1. First class stadiums 

One of the main attractions of the CONMEBOL Copa América Brazil 2019 is that they will take advantage of and use the first-rate stadiums and infrastructure left in the country by the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

In this way, the six stadiums in which the 26 matches of the tournament will be played, such as Morumbí (São Paulo), Arena Corinthians (São Paulo), Arena Fonte Nova (Salvador), Mineirão (Belo Horizonte), Arena Do Gremio (Porto Alegre) and the legendary Maracanã Stadium (Rio de Janeiro), will be modern stages that will allow all the attending fans to enjoy the Cup matches in great detail.

1 Neymar, Messi, Suárez, James and more …

The CONMEBOL Copa América, the oldest tournament in the world, will have great soccer figures defending the interests of their countries to achieve a new continental title.

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Brazil will be in global referents such as the Brazilian Neymar, the Argentine Lionel Messi, the Uruguayan Luis Suarez and the Colombian James Rodriguez, among many others, which can ensure for 24 days a great football show that few want to lose and that will vibrate the continent.