When Iván Córdoba scored the title-winning goal for Colombia in 2001



  • The legendary Colombian center-back celebrated his 47th birthday on August 11th, 2023.
  • Iván Córdoba netted the goal that gave Colombia their sole CONMEBOL Copa America™️ title.

Iván Ramiro Córdoba, born in the city of Rionegro, Colombia, on August 11th, 1976, standing at 1.73 meters tall and renowned as a natural leader, was the architect behind the goal that secured the Colombian national football team’s most significant sporting accomplishment to date.

During the 2001 CONMEBOL Copa America™️ held in Colombia, the host team etched their name in history by winning their first and only title to date with an impeccable campaign, winning every game and not conceding a single goal.

The cherry on top for the ‘Cafetera’ squad was provided by their iconic center-back, Iván Ramiro Córdoba, who served as the team’s captain under coach Francisco Maturana. He sealed their triumph with a lone goal in the final match against Mexico.

The Nemesio Camacho Stadium, known as ‘El Campín’, was completely packed to witness the Colombians secure their first title on home soil, all thanks to Córdoba’s goal in the 65th minute. He headed in a cross delivered by Iván López, sparking celebrations all over the Colombian capital.

The Colombian defender stood as a towering figure in the 2001 CONMEBOL Copa America™️ final, not only for his pivotal goal, but also for the unwavering confidence he displayed in his marking throughout the match. He assured the team’s defensive stability and emerged as their saviour. His commanding presence at the back provided a sense of calmness and reassurance for the whole team.

His speed, strength, physical endurance, remarkable leaping ability, and knack for catching opponents off guard, coupled with his skill in heading the ball, were the core attributes that defined Córdoba’s impressive career as a central defender.