From Gardelito to Zincha, the CONMEBOL Copa America mascots



Since 1987, the pets figures were included in the tournament

One of the icons of the CONMEBOL Copa América is the mascot, which is one of the figures that represents the tournament. However, only 71 years after its creation, the tournament began to incorporate them with the creation of ‘Gardelito’ in Argentina 87′.

Gardelito: As a tribute to the famous Argentinian tango singer Carlos Gardel, the CONMEBOL Copa América Argentina 1987 created «Gradelito». Heeled shoes, ball on the right foot, shirt and scarf with the colors of the flag of Argentina, and the hairstyle and the smile combine with the unforgettable singer of tangos.

Tico: For the 1989 edition of Brazil, based on a Zorzal Sabiá, a typical bird of the region, ‘Tico’ was chosen to be the pet of the tournament. Blue shirt and white shorts, booties and blue socks, carrying a ball was the image that represented the tournament 30 years ago.

Guaso: For the CONMEBOL Copa América 1991, ‘Guaso’ was chosen as the pet of the tournament. Guaso was a stylized drawing which represented the Chilean Huaso (peasants), dressed in the Chilean flag and a ball.

Choclito: A choclo corn, one of the most traditional foods of Ecuador, was chosen to be the pet of the CONMEBOL Copa América of 1993. ‘Choclito’ was a corn dressed in the colors of the Ecuadorian flag and legs controlling the ball.

Torito: Taking advantage of the importance of livestock in Uruguay, the pet for the tournament played in 1995 was ‘Torito’, a bull dressed in the Uruguayan blue uniform and the traditional ball with black and white patches.

Tatú: An armadillo that wore the shirt of the Bolivian National Team under its shell, was chosen to be the pet of the CONMEBOL Copa América in 1997. The smiling animal also had black boots and a ball.

Taguá: For the CONMEBOL Copa América Paraguay 1999 ‘Taguá’ was chosen as the pet for the tournament. Taguá is a kind of peccary but it is also known as a boar. They believe it was extinct, but in 1970 they found living specimens in the Paraguayan Chaco. The pet of the tournament appeared with a ball, black booties and dressed in the Paraguay flag colors and also holding a popular drink called Tereré.

Amériko: For the competition that was played in 2001 in Colombia, ‘Amériko’ was chosen as the pet. This was a turquoise alien with blue eyes and so, its name comes from the translation of America to Esperanto.

Chasqui: Chasqui is a name that raises from the ancient Inca couriers. That is why this figure was chosen as the pet of the CONMEBOL Copa América Peru 2004. ‘Chasqui’ consisted of a Peruvian indigenous character, dressed in the Peruvian team’s shirt. On his head he wore a multicolored band with two feathers and played with a ball and bare feet.

Guaky: In Venezuela 2007, the CONMEBOL Copa América had as its pet ‘Guaky’ a macaw dressed in the Venezuelan national team’s jersey and on its wings the country’s flag. In the back, the macaw had the colors of the flag and its black boots had three lines with the same colors.

Tangolero: A ñandú, also known as Rhea, is a bird native from South America. It was chosen as the pet for the CONMEBOL Copa América Argentina 2011. The ñandú is dressed in the uniform of the Argentine National Team and has the official ball of the tournament.

Zincha: After the election of the fans, the pet for the CONMEBOL Copa América Chile 2015 was called ‘Zincha’. The name of Zincha appears thanks to mixture between-shirt the words Zorro and Fan. Zinchaera an original culpeo fox from the southern country. Its legs were orange, blue and red, and its shape showed the indigenous culture of Chile.