Double glory: champions as players and coaches



In the beginning of the South American Football Championship it was very common for the teams to present one of their players who also fulfilled the functions as a coach. Several of them succeeded with their teams.

In the times of modern football this was not seen again, but some players who were champions with their selection returned to achieve the title already from their positions as coaches.

Here, a recount of the players-coaches who won the CONMEBOL Copa América.

Alfredo Foglino, three victories with Uruguay

In the South American Football Championship of 1916, the Uruguay National Team was crowned champion of the tournament guided by Alfredo Foglino who was also one of the central defenders of the team. The victories over Chile (4-0) and Brazil (2-1) and the tie against Argentina (0-0), gave the title to the ‘charrúas’.

Now only as a player, Foglino celebrated twice as a champion in the tournaments of 1917 and 1920.

Pedro Cea and his 3 titles with Uruguay

As a player, Cea was crowned the champion with the National Team of Uruguay in the editions of 1923 and 1924 of the South American Championship. Already retired, the now former player became a coach and achieved to take his team to a new title in the 1942 edition. 

Danilo Alvim, champion with Brazil and Bolivia

The Offensive midfielder played with Brazil in four South American Championships. He was runner-up in 3 opportunities and was part of the champion team in the 1949 tournament.

After his retirement as a player, he became a coach and with that, he was called to guide the national team of Bolivia with which he was also got a victory in the competition that was played in the «Altiplano» country in 1963.

Dunga, multiple champion with Brazil

The former captain of the Brazilian team, Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri, better known as Dunga, was a Brazilian midfielder who not only won CONMEBOL Copa América in 1989 and 1997, but also the FIFA World Cup in 1994. He also won the title of the Confederations Cup in 1997.

As coach of Brazil he won the Confederations Cup of 2009, and the CONMEBOL Copa América Venezuela 2007.