CONMEBOL and ARENA Events+Venues sign agreement



CONMEBOL and ARENA Events+Venues have signed an agreement in which they partner for technical infrastructure consultancy of the stadium, development of maps and plans, and overlay planning services for the 14 stadiums chosen for the tournament.

In 2024, the CONMEBOL Copa América 2024™ will be the 48th edition of the oldest national team competition in the world. The tournament will be held in the United States and will be organized in partnership with Concacaf. The 2024 edition will feature 6 invited teams from Concacaf joining the 10 countries affiliated with CONMEBOL, leading to complex operations at different operational levels.

All details of the event have to be organized and planned with great responsibility. Operations must be carefully coordinated, as they involve 32 matches, the use of 14 different stadiums spread across 13 cities, the participation of hundreds of thousands of fans, and thousands of professionals working to achieve a successful event nationwide.

«The support offered by ARENA will be essential in helping with this great challenge of adapting our operational model to the facilities provided by the stadiums and to efficiently identify and fill any major gaps that may exist, achieving an event with CONMEBOL’s standard of excellence. We have great confidence in this partnership and in the ability of the ARENA team to contribute to create an environment where every aspect aligns perfectly to deliver an unforgettable spectacle,» mentioned Thiago Jannuzzi, COO of the CONMEBOL Copa América.

The involvement of ARENA Events+Venues in advancing the preparation of operational plans and providing support for the event’s overlay is another important step in the partnership between CONMEBOL and ARENA that began in 2018.

«We are very excited to participate in and support this great event, being able to seek operational solutions for CONMEBOL’s functional areas, leveraging all our previous experiences. The importance of the event is represented by the latent passion in the large Latin community in the United States and by the architectural, functional, scale, and typological diversity of the 14 stadiums that will host the competition matches. It is an honor and a major milestone for the company’s journey; we will engage our best team to meet this challenge,» Carlos de La Corte, CEO and Founder of ARENA e+v, pointed out.

This tournament is more than just a game; it is an immersive experience. ARENA’s overlay planning aims not only to meet but to exceed the expectations of teams, media, fans, sponsors, and other stakeholders.

The CONMEBOL Copa América 2024™ will be played in the United States and will include the 10 CONMEBOL teams and the six best Concacaf teams, as invitees. This traditional CONMEBOL tournament will be co-organized by both confederations. This will be the 48th edition of the continent’s most important competition, which will feature 16 participants for the second time in its history, the same number as in the 2016 edition, also held in the United States.