100 CONMEBOL Copa America historical facts, fourth part


You should know among other things, what was the first goalkeeper who scored in the CONMEBOL Copa America.

24. Brazil, fourth time champion: 30 years ago, the ‘Canarinha’ won its fourth CONMEBOL Copa América title that was played in Brazil and in 1989, when it won 1-0 against Uruguay in the final 1-0 that was played at the Maracaná Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro.

23. Brazil winning again as a host: Due to the 75th anniversary of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), Brazil received in 1989 the designation to host CONMEBOL Copa América. It had been 40 years since the country had last received the tournament, the year in which coincidentally it had also achieved the title.

22. Unrepeatable attendance record: The final of 1989 between Brazil and Uruguay had 170.000 spectators in the Maracaná stadium. An absolute record in the tournament which will hardly be repeated, because now, the capacity of the stadium is for more than 73,000 spectators.

21. Brazil and a great couple: Brazil had in its national team in the 1989 edition with a couple that later would take the national team ‘Auriverde’ to gain the FIFA World Cup in the United States 1994: Bebeto and Romario.

20. Dunga, historical: In addition, in the Brazil team of 1989, he debuted in the Dunga tournament, who repeated the 1997 title as a player, and in 2007, as a coach, he also won the tournament with the national team.

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19. Higuita, the first goalscorer being goalkeeper: The Colombian René Higuita was the first goalkeeper to score a goal in CONMEBOL Copa América. It was in the 1989 edition of Brazil and in the game in which Colombia defeated Venezuela 4-2.

18. Carlos Maldonado, star of Venezuela: In the CONMEBOL Copa América Brazil 1989, Venezuela scored four goals. All scored the offensive midfielder Carlos Maldonado, who played in teams from Brazil, Argentina and Colombia.

17. Numbers that made history: For the CONMEBOL Copa América Chile 1991, more than 1.800 journalists were accredited, among them, 800 locals. The tournament was broadcast in 62 countries.

16. Debut with goal and serious injury: At just 18 years old, Flavio Maestrí made his debut with the Peruvian national team in the 1991 edition of Chile. In facing the host team, Maestrí scored his first goal in the tournament, but a few minutes later he suffered the fracture of tibia and fibula and had to leave the CONMEBOL Copa América.

15. The First Colombian victory over Brazil: In 1991, the Colombian national team defeated Brazil for the first time. The result was 2 to 0. In the final stage they faced each other again, but this time the ‘canarinha’ took the win by the same score.

14. Format defined for the tournament: Since the edition of Ecuador 1993, the CONMEBOL Copa América established its current scheme: three groups of four teams each. The first two of each zone classify to the quarterfinals, along with the two best third.

13. The Monumental of Guayaquil, opened again in 1993: The great stadium ‘Monumental’, of Barcelona SC, of Guayaquil, was reopened in the match between Argentina 1 – Colombia 1. Its capacity reached 90.000 spectators, but it is currently of 57.267.

12. Oscar Ruggeri, the Argentinian man of the records: The Argentine midfielder who elevated the CONMEBOL Copa América trophy for the second time in Ecuador for the second time, after his team defeated Mexico 2-1 in the final. In addition, he won the FIFA World Cup in 1986, the CONMEBOL Libertadores of 1986 and the Intercontinental Cup in that year with River Plate. He was Argentine champion with Boca Juniors, River Plate, San Lorenzo and in Spain with Real Madrid.

11. Five European coaches in 1993: In the edition of the year 1993 that was disputed in Ecuador, Vladimir Popovic directed to Peru, Bora Milutinovic to the United States, Ratomir Dujkovic to Venezuela, Dusan Draskovic to Ecuador and Xabier Azkargorta to Bolivia.

10. Three points and three changes per team: For the 1995 edition of the CONMEBOL Copa América that was played in Uruguay, the tournament began to establish three points per game won and to allow three changes per team in each game.

9. The youngest and most veteran of the tournament: In 1995, the CONMEBOL Copa América had in Uruguay with the Colombian Fredy León, who turned out to be the youngest of the competition with only 16 years. The oldest, Carlos Borja. The Bolivian played the tournament with 38 years.

8. First title away from home: In Bolivia 1997, Brazil achieved to win the CONMEBOL Copa América and this meant having won their first title away from home.

7. The Bidoglio family, again here: In the National Team of Venezuela that participated in the CONEMBOL Copa América Paraguay 1999, played Hector Pablo Bidoglio, soccer player born in Argentina and great-grandson of Ludovico Bidoglio, champion in 1925 and 1927.

6. First tournament of the new millennium: The 2001 edition, the first of the new millennium, was held in Colombia, a country that debuted as host of the championship. In the final against Mexico, the national team of colombia won its first title in the tournament.

5. Brazil said goodbye to their streak of successes: In Colombia 2001, Mexico took from Brazil an undefeated 20 games, after winning 1-0 in the first game of that championship. The Brazilians also had 12 consecutive victories.

4. Honduras, fifteenth country to play the Cup: For Colombia 2001, and after the resignation of Canada and Argentina, CONMEBOL decided to invite Honduras, which became the 15th country to play the CONMEBOL Copa América. They eliminated Brazil and achieved third place in the tournament.

3. Aguinaga, record of eight participations: In Peru 2004, the Ecuadorian Alex Aguinaga reached the record of the Uruguayan Angel Romano when playing his eighth CONMEBOL Copa América. Aguinaga added up 25 games in three different decades, from 1987 to 2004.

2. Coaches in two national teams: Hernán Darío Gómez added 19 matches as coach in the CONMEBOL Copa América (10 with Colombia, 6 with Ecuador and 3 with Panama). The also Colombian Francisco Maturana also directed those two selections, directed 20 games (17 with Colombia and 3 with Ecuador).

1. Debut as host: In 2007, Venezuela hosted CONMEBOL Copa América for the first time. The ‘Vinotinto’ also debuted in the second phase of the tournament.

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