Heading to the 2024 CONMEBOL Copa America™️


  • Heading to the 2024 CONMEBOL Copa America™️ is a graphic content series that portrays the story of the continental tournament, serving as a preview for the upcoming edition in the United States.
  • The content will be distributed through the CONMEBOL Copa America™️ social media channels.
  • Data from each edition of the tournament is compiled by OPTA.

We have compiled 107 years of history from the world’s oldest continental tournament, to share the most relevant data from each of the 47 editions in a series of infographics, photos and videos, heading towards the competition that will rock the continent, the 2024 CONMEBOL Copa America™.

We will be shining a spotlight on the teams and players who, with their hearts and souls, forged the identity of this exciting competition from the start. An event that has captivated the whole continent with its glory, tradition, and greatness, celebrating the love for football that has been part of our identity as South Americans since the first edition in 1916.

We begin our journey through the history of CONMEBOL Copa America™ with the inaugural year, when the competition was called the ‘South American Championship’. Held in Argentina, the tournament featured the participation of the local team alongside Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay, who became the first champions after beating the Argentines in the final match in Buenos Aires.

We will also explore the creation of the trophy in 1917, Brazil’s first title victory in 1919 and the first great triumph of the Argentine national team, in 1921 at home. We will review the dominance of River Plate countries in ten consecutive editions between 1923 and 1937, and the increasing participation of South American teams in the tournament over the years.

We will get to know the first champions outside of Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil – Peru, who triumphed and lifted trophy in 1939 on home soil. Also, the second ones to break their hegemony – Paraguay, who did it in 1953. Additionally, we’ll examine editions without a fixed host-country, where matches were contested throughout the entire continent.

Likewise, we will highlight the appearance of some of the greatest legends of world football, born on our continent, who proudly wore their national team jerseys and participated in the most prestigious South American event.

We will trace the titles won by each team, including the first victories for Bolivia in 1963, Colombia in 2001 and Chile in 2015, as well as the greatest achievements of legendary squads, which delivered unique and memorable performances for South American soccer fans.

Heading to the 2024 CONMEBOL Copa America™️ is a tribute to the protagonists – those who, in the past, bestowed upon the tournament the prestige it holds today. To the idols of our idols. It also pays homage to the current stars, who continue to make us wear the jersey of our national teams in each edition, inspiring us to cheer in stadiums or wherever we may be, all with the dream of lifting the most coveted cup on the continent.

Historical data for each edition of CONMEBOL Copa America™ is made possible through OPTA’s research, which compiles the history of the competition.

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