The league's that provide the most players at the CONMEBOL Copa América 2021


Some of the biggest stars in world football are competing at the 2021 CONMEBOL Copa América 2021, the world’s oldest national team competition.

The ten South American nations have stars representing some of the biggest club sides around the world, but which league has the most CONMEBOL Copa América players?

In terms of South American leagues, the one with the largest number of players participating the continental championship is Bolivia. In total there are 21 footballers playing in the country, all representing the national side led by César Farías. La Verde, in fact, is the team with the fewest representatives playing their football abroad abroad with only 5.

After Bolivia, the Argentine top flight is the second highest with 18 players (3 from Argentina, 3 from Chile, 2 from Colombia, 2 from Ecuador, 5 from Paraguay, 2 from Peru and 1 from Uruguay) followed by the Brasileirao, with 16 (3 from Brazil, 1 from Bolivia, 4 from Chile, 2 from Ecuador, 2 from Paraguay, 2 from Uruguay and 2 from Venezuela).

However, the Mexican top flight is the league in the America’s which provides the most players. In total 23 South American internationals currently play their football in Mexico, which is the third most in the world.

Mexican based players represent Chile (3), Colombia (5), Ecuador (5), Paraguay (4), Perú (3), Uruguay ( 2) and Venezuela (1).

North American neighbors the United States are also well represented at the tournament with 16 players, 7 of which are in the Venezuela squad. This is the joint highest for the Vinotinto alongside the country’s domestic league.

The Italian league provides the most players for CONMEBOL Copa América 2021

The two league’s that provide more players for the competition are Serie A of Italy and Spain’s la Liga. Italian sides provide 27 players y while 24 are contracted to Spanish clubs.

Argentina, for example, has 9 players representing Italian clubs while 5 play in Spain. Uruguay has 7 representatives in La Liag and 5 in Serie A of Calcio Italiano. Chile and Colombia have 4 in Italia each and Venezuela has 3 in Spain.

Brazil has 6 players at clubs in Spain and 2 in Italy. The English Premier League is where the highest number of Seleção stars play their football. The English top flight has 20 players at the CONMEBOL Copa América 2021.

Aside from those of the Americas and Europe, the only other league represented at the tournament is Saudi Arabian top flight. There are 5 players who are signed to Saudi clubs at the tournament, with members of the Ecuador (1), Paraguay (1), Peru (2) and Uruguay (1) squads.

DATA: Opta / Stats Perform