Greatest highlights of CONMEBOL Copa America's 104 years of history

  • Mentioning the CONMEBOL Copa America brings to mind the big championships of the Continent, reviving exciting matches and stories that are unique and unrepeatable. Imbued with this emotion, this unpublished material revisits all those memorable and magic moments in just sixty seconds. 

The oldest soccer national teams’ tournament of in the world, CONMEBOL Copa America, is reaching its 104 anniversary next Thursday and, in celebration, it had the most remarkable moments of its history assembled in just one minute.

The greatest legends of the king of sports took part in this tournament along its history. The CONMEBOL Copa America represents the competitive and winner spirit of all South American athletes and it is the tournament that has made the whole Continent vibrate with enthusiasm for over 100 years. 

The CONMEBOL Copa America has become a beautiful tradition, gaining the respect and admiration of the whole world. Not to mention the fact that taking part in the game is the big desire and obsession of the greatest players in the hemisphere. 

Uruguay with 15 cups won; Argentina, 14; Brazil, 9; Paraguay, Chile & Peru, 2; Colombia & Bolivia, 1, are the national teams that attained glory in these 104 years of passion and the highest prestige. And over the span of just one minute, all the sublime and outstanding moments of the Cup get shown in the video. 

Those images that remain indelibly engraved in our memories, those that will never be forgotten have made their way to this emotional audiovisual material. 


Seeking to use a contemporary and emerging language, the editing work for this video involved 75 hours screening matches to select goals, dribbles, celebrations, and cups raised among thousands of iconic images of the CONMEBOL Copa America in order for them to look similar to each other and thus obtain the desired effect. 

The technique used was “anchoring,” where a point is established for all takes and you make images match with it. The final result took over 150 video clippings and the analysis of more than 500 still photos and 50 matches.