CONMEBOL Copa America 2021
Who is Pibe?

The mascot of this edition of the CONMEBOL Copa América is a conjunction of all the dogs that live in South America: a new South American breed. His name is Pibe, and he was chosen in a vote on social networks by Copa America fans.

Place of birth:
Somewhere in south america
New South American breed
South American

It is an agile, sociable, tender, funny dog ​​and above all very mischievous and lively. Pibe is fundamentally a fan of soccer balls, he loses his head every time he sees one. He also loves to eat and never misses an opportunity when he sees an ownerless plate of food. Pibe is a dog, who likes to be with children and with other dogs. He loves to joke around with his friends and is very loyal to them. Enjoy in awe of good football. He prefers fair play and understands that sport brings people together.

Have fun with Pibe
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