"We are sad and expectant" says Gomez after Paraguay´s defeat


Paraguay captain Gustavo Gomez said the Guarani players are “sad” regarding to the 1-0 loss against Colombia this Saturday in Salvador, but we do not lose the hope of qualify to the quarterfinals as better third.

“We are very sad because we wanted to go through to the next round and now we have to wait for a result to see if we can qualify as third,” said the Palmeiras’s defender.

“There is nothing left but to raise our heads and keep working for what is coming,” he added.

Paraguay lost this Saturday in Salvador with a goal from the midfielder Gustavo Cuéllar, whose shot went through the legs of the goalkeeper Junior ‘Gatito’ Fernández.

Their defeat and the 2-0 victory of Argentina against Qatar in Porto Alegre leaves the Paraguayans still alive and they will have to wait for the results of the Group C games on Monday, which will define the remaining place for the best third.

The Paraguayan defeat and the Argentina victory put Peru currently as better third, despite having being beaten by 5-0 against Brazil on Saturday in Sao Paulo in the last match of Group A.

“We lost against one of the best teams in the world,” said the defender. “I think that step by step we are getting closer to what the ‘boss’ wants (…) we are a team under construction”.

With two points, Paraguay needs a draw between Japan (one point) and Ecuador (zero), on Monday in Belo Horizonte, to get into the next round as one of the two best thirds.