Tite appreciates the victory and asks for patience to the fans


The Brazilian coach, Tite, admitted that he had to move his players in the dressing room after a first time without goals to get the victory this Friday against Bolivia, and said that his team evolves and will soon have protagonists in the Copa America-2019.

“The process is an evolution and growth of the team,” said the leader of the Canarinha, who scored 3-0 in the Morumbí in Sao Paulo against a Bolivia that did not allow Brazil to damaged the team in the first half.

A double by Philippe Coutinho and a goal by Everton crowned the first game of the Copa América-2019, giving the victory to the host of the Cup.
According to Tite, the intention was to create by the Dani Alves side, with Richarlison near to Firmino.

“The idea was to leave the attacker on the left side, Neres, open for an infiltration move”, but then the Bolivian defense annulled the passes.
“In the meantime, the change was in the positions. We brought an advanced player in creation. That’s when the team began to create,” he explained.

“You have to understand that sometimes the construction (of the game) involves exchanging passes and moving forward,” he explained. “We have to create. It’s the game,” he added.

The coach acknowledged that Coutinho was the figure of the game and Richarlison should receive more support.
“We have to give them more support, they have joy to play, feeling the responsibility, but evolving,” he said.

“Richarlison, David, Cebolinha (Everton), Arthur, those younger ones, must have backup. That’s why we mix them with the most ‘cascudos’ (resistant), in a short time the protagonism will emerge. It’s going to happen,” said the TD.

After this game, Brazil travels on Saturday to Salvador, and on Tuesday at 21H30 local (00H30 GMT Wednesday), will face Venezuela in the Arena Fonte Nova, on the second date of Group A.

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