The CONMEBOL Copa America Brazil 2019 stadiums begin to be decorated


The Maracaná stadium, which will host the final on 7 July, will receive more than 4,300 m² of visual material in the tournament, which ranges from giant panels to stickers and stands.

The Local Organizing Committee of CONMEBOL Copa América Brazil 2019 began to dress the six stadiums distributed by the five host cities that will host the 26 matches of the oldest national team tournament in the world starting on June 14. The visual communication, which sets the atmosphere of the competition, was inspired by the characteristics of the South American people themselves, who stand out around the world for their cheerful, festive, supportive and spontaneous manner.

The Maracaná Stadium, stage of the July 7 final, will receive more than 4.300 m² of visual material, with emphasis on giant panels, adhesives, tarpas and bleachers. If the six stadiums are added, there will be more than 21.000m² in surrounding areas, ranging from the outer front to the changing rooms. The other five stadiums will receive the following meters: Arena Fonte Nova (4.000 m²); Arena del Corinthians (3.850 m²); Mineirão (3.800 m²): Morumbi (3.100 m²) and Arena del Gremio (1.950 m²).

In addition to the six stadiums that will host some of the world’s top football stars, they will adopt the look and feel of CONMEBOL Copa América Brazil 2019 and the buses that will transport the 12 participating delegations.

“The official communication in the stadiums motivates the climate of competition, less than 10 days before the opening of CONMEBOL Copa América 2019 in Brazil. Everything was designed and thought out in every detail to be eternalized in the memory of the fans who will participate in the biggest celebration of South American football” explains Agberto Guimarães, Director of Operations of the Local Organizing Committee of CONMEBOL Copa América Brazil 2019.


• 02 ceremonies (opening and closing)
• 12 participating teams
• 24 days of competition
• 26 games
• 276 athletes

• 624 flag bearers
• 572 scort players (young people who accompany players at the entrance to the field)
• 26 accompanying referees
• 75 ball catchers

• Largest delegation, with more than 80 people
• 46 referees
• More than 3500 pieces of uniform for referees

• More than 2300 items of acquired sports equipment (fixed crosspieces, mobile crosspieces, mobile barrier, training doll, nets, reserve bank, cones – all equipment will remain as a legacy for each training center).
• 3200 vests for teams and referees

• 207.060m² of grass (between 4 lines) will be used by referees and players (Official Training Camps, Referees’ Training Camp, Official Stadiums).
• It is estimated that more than 11.000 kg of winter turf seeds are sown until the start of the tournament.

CONMEBOL Copa America Brazil 2019

The 46th edition of the world’s oldest national team tournament, which returns to Brazil after 30 years, will be held in five host cities (Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and São Paulo) and 12 participating national teams. On the field, nine FIFA World Cup titles and some of the biggest stars in world football.

In addition to the ten South American member countries of CONMEBOL (Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela), Japan and Qatar will participate as guests.

After the January draw in Rio de Janeiro, Group A was made up of Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela and Peru. Group B has Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay and Qatar in Group C was established with Uruguay, Ecuador, Japan and Chile.

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