Goalkeepers that cross the line in the penalties shoot out won’t be booked


The IFAB approves CONMEBOL request to obtain a temporary exemption for booking the goalkeepers who cross the line improperly when penalty shootout on the final stage of CONMEBOL Copa America Brazil 2019.

The aim of this request is to unify criteria with the FIFA Women’s World Cup played in France, a tournament in which this exception is already being ruled.

This exemption will not be effective for the cautions that could be generated by goalkeeping improper anticipation of the line in the normal time of the game and during the penalty shootout, for the goalkeepers and for the rest of the players.

Therefore, the infractions that end up in a penalty kick during the match in normal and / or supplementary time, stipulated in the 2019/20 Game Rules, will not suffer any modification.