The sale of a new batch of tickets for all the matches begins


The sale will be made through the official page “” from the midday on Thursday, April 25. Fans will be able to enjoy the best of South American football, acquiring tickets from $30 reals. 

The Local Organizing Committee of the CONMEBOL Copa América Brazil 2019 will make available a penultimate batch of approximately 230 thousand tickets for the 26 matches of the tournament, starting at 12 midday (Brasilia time) on Thursday, April 25.

In the same way, tickets will be sold exclusively through the official tournament web page:

With the release of this new batch of tickets, fans will have a new opportunity to acquire their tickets even for games that were already sold out.

So far, more than 350 thousand tickets were sold. A total of 99 countries have already purchased tickets for the oldest tournament matches in the world. In the ranking of countries that bought more tickets are, Besides Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Peru and Uruguay. Countries without tradition in football have also already acquired tickets, such as Afghanistan, Cyprus and Tanzania.

Sale Model

In total, there are four price categories that cover the lower and upper levels of the stadiums, defined according to the vision of the playing field. The Corinthians (São Paulo) and Grêmio (Porto Alegre) Arenas will exclusively have a fifth price category.

Phase CAT 1 CAT 2 CAT 3 CAT 4 CAT 5**
Entire Half Entire Half Entire Half Entire Half Entire Half
Opening 590,00 295,00 390,00 195,00 290,00 145,00 190,00 80,00 —– ——
1st Phase 350,00 175,00 250,00 125,00 180,00 90,00 120,00 60,00 60,00 30,00
Quarter finals 400,00 200,00 280,00 140,00 220,00 110,00 140,00 70,00 80,00 40,00
Semifinals 590,00 295,00 390,00 195,00 290,00 145,00 190,00 95,00 100,00 50,00
3rd place 350,00 175,00 250,00 125,00 180,00 90,00 120,00 60,00 60,00 30,00
Final 890,00 445,00 590,00 295,00 400,00 200,00 260,00 130,00 —— ——

* Prices in reais

* Available only in the Arena Corinthians and Arena do Grêmio  

All orders will be attended in order of arrival to the official page, always according to the availability of tickets. Fans can request up to five tickets per match, with a limit of seven matches, for a total of 35 tickets for the competition. It will not be possible to buy tickets for two different matches on the same day.

For purchases on the official website, the only form of payment is through credit cards authorized for international purchases – for Brazilian residents it will be enough for the card to have the credit function activated. 

Matches Schedule

The opening game, scheduled in Morumbí Stadium, on June 14, will be at 9:30 p.m. The final, at the Maracaná Stadium, will start at 5:00 p.m. Both parties in the schedule of Brasilia. The other games, on weekends, will take place at 4pm or 7pm. During the weekdays, at 6:30 p.m., 8:00 p.m. or 9:30 p.m.

Half Entrance

The benefit of half entry is limited only to residents of Brazil who apply in any of the following categories and who present the documentation required by law when claiming their tickets: students (Federal Law 12.852 (Youth Statute) and 12.933/2013 ); young people from 15 to 29 years of age belonging to families with low purchasing power and registered in the single registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government – Cadúnico (Federal Law 12.933/2013); people with disabilities (Federal Law 12.933 / 2013); adults with an age equal or greater than 60 years (Federal Law 10.741 / 2003) and young people up to 21 years of age (State Law 3364/2000).