The best match of Colombian Team


On this occasion and for the first time in its history, it was Colombia’s turn to host the Copa América, with a very clear objective: to get its first trophy in the most important tournament on the continent. To achieve this, they had to face the Peruvian team.

Francisco “Pacho” Maturana’s team went out on the field with Cordoba, Gonzalez, Orozco, Yepes, Bedoya, Ramirez, Vargas, Grisales, Hernandez, Aristizábal and Ferreira. Meanwhile, the Peruvian team led by Julio César Uribe was assembled with these 11 players: Ibañez, Garcia, Zevallos, Pajuelo, Salazar, Soto, Hernandez, Jayo, Del Solar, Soto, and Holsen.

The first part was fairly even and none of the teams stood out. The cafetero team managed to reach the rival’s area a couple of times with the deflected boot of the ball of their number 10, Victor Aristizábal and another goal kick which was saved by Oscar Ibáñez, the Peruvian goalkeeper.

In the other 45 minutes a much stronger Colombian team was seen. Maturana’s team began to find more spaces than in the first half. Five minutes into the second half, after a great control of the ball, Giovanny Hernández did a through-ball between two Peruvian defenders in order to assist the great Victor Aristizábal, who, with some luck, was able to reach the 1-0 score. Due to this advantage, the Colombian team was seen to be much more relaxed and efficient during the game.

They were able to take advantage of this growth and after a failed save of Juan Pajuelo, the second goal (2-0) was scored thanks to Giovanny Hernández, who was in the exact place where the Peruvian player’s mistake was made. Four minutes later, Colombia determined the outcome of the match. Freddy Grisales ran at full speed on the right wing and with an amazing crossing pass, he connected with whom would later be the top scorer of this Copa América edition, Victor Aristizábal, who scored the last goal with a great header.

For the joy of their fans, the cafeteros achieved a great victory with a 3 difference goal, reaching the 2001 tournament semifinals.

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2001 Colombia Copa América Semi-finals

July 3, 2001

Colombia 3 – 0 Peru

Goals: Víctor Aristizábal (50’, 69’), Giovanny Hernández (65’)

Centenario Stadium, Armenia (Colombia)