CONMEBOL Copa América Argentina 2021 Colombia
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina, but it is also the capital of passions. Some of the most significant ones are barbecue and football. The last one has a reason: it's the city with the most stadiums in the world. In this city, people play, watch and live football like nowhere else. But that is not all. There’s also plenty of museums, squares, and theaters. It is impossible to get bored in Buenos Aires.
Córdoba, it's the perfect destination for everyone all over the world. This is the kind of city that is beautiful any time of the year. It is historical, traditional and modern. Here was born the classic Argentinian beverage: The Fernet (Mix of Fernet with Cola). Also, Cordoba, it's the second-most populous city in Argentina. And when there are Argentines around, there is passion for football. That's why there we can find the Estadio Olimpico Cordoba, the biggest stadium of the city and second biggest in the country.
Mendoza is located east of the Andes range and its recognized as one of the most important capitals of wine. Mendoza produces the 70% of the wine in Argentina and the specialty it’s the Malbec. That's not all. It also has the bests landscapes of the country, from snow to rivers, mountains and deserts. Between all the nature there is room for football, the stadium Malvinas Argentinas is located in the Parque General San Martin, and it will host the Copa America CONMEBOL.
Santiago del Estero
Santiago del Estero it’s the oldest city of Argentina. Argentinian folklore it´s a cultural patrimony of this province. Through music, they express their feelings, traditions, and emotions with this native rhythm. There you can listen to different kinds of chacareras in the famous peñas, place to gather and taste the most delicious regional food. But also, Santiagueños are real football fans, that play it amateur and professionally. Central Cordoba, it's the biggest football club in the city.Î