Porto Alegre


Porto Alegre is the main capital of the southern region of Brazil. It offers one of the best qualities of life in the country. It is one of the Brazilian cities closest to Buenos Aires and Montevideo, located on a large plain on the margin of the Guaíba River, a special point where visitors can appreciate a beautiful sunset. (Find here: The Spectator Guide).

Owner of a rigorous winter, the days dawns with the thermometers marking less than 10 degrees. Porto Alegre is a city with a rich cultural diversity, its population is composed of descendants of approximately 25 ethnic groups. The most descendant of Germans and Italians.

Porto Alegre

“El gaúcho”, as the town born in Rio Grande do Sul is called, prides itself on its local traditions. A particular detail, which is not found in other regions of the country, is that the gaúcho has a special pride towards the anthem and the local flag. Almost everyone knows how to sing and proudly display the flag inside the stadiums, regardless of the game that is being played.

Another regional custom much valued by the gaúchos is to gather the family to take “chimarrão”, a hot drink made with yerba mate and also known in other areas of South America with the name mate.

As tourist attractions, in addition to watching the sunset on the Guaíba River, it is worth strolling through the historic center, spending a weekend afternoon at the Parque da Redenção or having lunch at a traditional Gaúcha steakhouse. Good gastronomy and outdoor activities make Porto Alegre a very attractive destination.


Porto Alegre

Traditionally played with strength before technique, gaúcho football lives with the rivalry between Grêmio and Internacional, its two most famous clubs. The duo provides one of the greatest classics in the world.

Both Gremio and Internacional are teams of winning tradition: The Tricolor team has conquered the Brazilian Championship in 1981 and 1996, the Brazilian Cup in 1989, 1994, 1997, 2001, 2016, the CONMEBOL Libertadores in 1983, 1995 and 2007 and the TOYOTA Cup in 1983.

For its part, the Colorado proudly exhibits three titles of the Brazilian Championship achieved in 1975, 1976 and 1979, a Brazilian Cup in 1992, two CONMEBOL Libertadores in 2006 and 2010, a FIFA Club World Cup in 2006, a CONMEBOL South American 2008, among others.

Only 2.500 meters separate the stadiums of Gremio and International: the Arena do Gremio, with capacity for more than 55.662 fans and the Beira-Rio, for more than 50.000.

The Porto Alegre teams have given the world great talent and recognition: Ronaldinho Gaúcho, Emerson, Renato Gaúcho (Gremio), Falcão, Taffarel and Alexandre Pato (Internacional).

For its part, the city will receive one of the semifinals and four more matches of the CONMEBOL Copa América Brazil 2019 at the Arena do Grêmio, inaugurated in December 2012 and located in an area close to Salgado Filho Airport.